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Gyprock Compounds and Specialty Plasters

Gyprock Solutions stocks the full range of professional Gyprock jointing compounds, adhesives, cements and specialty plasters.

The Gyprock jointing compounds range includes:

  • Base coats – for stronger joints with good tape adhesion and reduced shrinkage
  • Topping compounds – specially formulated to be easily sanded for a beautiful, smooth finish
  • All-purpose compounds – combining the strength of a base coat with the fine finish of a topping compound
Gyprock Compounds

The Gyprock DIY range of compounds in smaller, more convenient pack sizes is also available.

Gyprock DIY range of compounds

The tables below detail the product attributes of each product. For more detailed information, visit

Jointing Compounds

  First & Second Coats Topping Coat Topping Coat or All Coats Rapid Setting Defined Working Life Hand Tool Applied Hand and Machine Tool Applied Light Weight Superior Mould Protection Pack Size/Type Coverage/100M2 GECA Sensitive Choice
Base Coast
Gyprock® Base Coat 20           10kg Bag 16kg  
Gyprock® Base Coat 45             10kg & 20kg Bag 16kg  
Gyprock® Base Coat 60             20kg Bag 16kg  
Gyprock® Base Coat 90             20kg Bag 16kg  
Gyprock® Ultra-Base 60         16kg Bag 12kg
Gyprock® Wet Area Base Coat               15kg(9L) Pail 18L    
Topping Compounds
Gyprock Jointmaster™               20kg(12L) Pail 6L  
Gyprock Easy-Finish™               15kg(12L) Pail 6L  
Gyprock Ultra-Top™             15kg(14L) Pail 5.5L  
All-purpose Compounds
Gyprock® Pre-Mixed Total Joint Cement               15kg(9L) Pail 18L/6L  
Gyprock Easy-Flow™               15kg(12.5L) Pail 17.5L/6L  
Gyprock® Total Coat-Lite               15kg Bag 13kg/4.5kg  
Gyprock Ultra-AP™             15kg(14L) Pail 17L/5.2L  

Adhesives and Cements

  Defined Working Life Hand Tool Applied Superior Adhesion Pack Size/Type GECA
Gyprock® Acrylic Stud Adhesive   5.5kg Pail 900g
Gyprock® Cornice Cement 45 10 & 20kg Bags
Gyprock® Cornice Cement 60 20kg Bag
Gyprock® Masonry Adhesive   20kg Bag
Gyprock® Back-Blocking Cement 20kg Bag

Specialty Plasters

Gyprock® Casting Plaster For general casting and plaster sheet jointing
Gyprock® Pottery Plaster For general casting and sanitary ware moulds
Gyprock® Dental Plaster For dental moulds
Gyprock® Superfine Plaster For finishing joints, cornices and general casting
Gyprock® Hardwall Plaster Fore setting masonry walls, soffits and concrete ceilings
Gyprock® Stopping Plaster For jointing and patching plasterglass and plaster sheets